Calvin Klein SR, Glendale
Project Information


The new 2-story Calvin Klein retail flagships establishes a new environmental expression of Calvin Klein's identity and aesthetic. The free standing store houses men's and women's collections, including outerwear, formal wear, sportswear and intimate apparel and is divided into distinct areas by the controlled variation of ceiling height, material, texture, and light level. Each major area is anchored in place by a massive concrete volume which establishes its horizontal and vertical limits. Further spatial articulation is provided by fritted glass screens, whose refinement, transparency and lightness are in direct contrast to the rough mass of the concrete. The custom-designed display fixtures are thought of and organized as an urban landscape of dedicated and mixed-use structures, high-rise and low. Each is a variation of three basic materials: blackened steel, anodized aluminum, and quarter-sawn walnut. Benches woven of lightweight basalt fiber, also designed by the architects, contrast with the rigid geometry and solidity of their surroundings. Screens in the display windows slide in tracks, allowing variable density and opacity, as well as easy reconfiguration, radically changing the feel of the storefront over time.






Calvin Klein Inc.


Glendale, CA




12,000 sq ft

Project Team

Carolynn Karp

Christopher Connock

Aviva Rubin

Brandon Pass

Chris Mascari, RA

MEPS Consultant

Rosini Engineering


John Bain

Construction Specifications

Construction Specifications, Inc.